kanaan sweets

Since 1954 Since his tender age in 1946, Mr. ABD AL-GAHANI KANAAN was connected and associated with the industry of Arabic and Oriental sweets at a time when there were only a small number of sweet shops in the city of Saida.

At that time, most of the citizens in Saida used to sell Arabic home made sweets and the industry was a self-existent and independent art known and practiced only by professionals who did not teach or reveal the secrets of this craft. Moreover, they did not give the standard weights and measures used in this industry to any one even to their workmen.

In those days, professionals of these craft used stones for scaling, which made learning this art very difficult and it, become confined to those professionals. This handicraft needs great intelligence, discernment, keenness, cleverness, extreme alertness and full concentration.

In the year 1954 and after having a full, complete, accurate and skillful command and mastery of the craft, Mr. Kanaan decided to establish a private shop together with his brothers whom he liked to be his partners in this magnificent treasure and he named it "kanaan brothers". He did all that dashing not only after having a family attitude but also after establishing a school for teaching the rules, the techniques and the art of sweets industry. Nowadays, hundreds of sweet masters, who were brought up and were taught about the sweets industry, graduated from Mr. Kannan's school of sweets.

On Dec.29.1998, the great kanaan faded and died but his deeds and achievements are still living and being completed by his loyal and devoted sons who still follow their great father's tracks.

Days and years passed and Mr. Kanaan's three sons (Mohamad, Khalid, Marwan) worked very hard to continue the way of success of the industry of Sweets.